Critique Of Andy Pye 's The Internet Of Things

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Critique of Andy Pye’s The Internet of Things: Connecting the Unconnected
What the Internet of Things is and how it works
The internet of things (IoT) is comparable to the internet in how it provides communication connections over a large area public network. The internet is used to connect people to each other using device connections to a main stream network. The IoT is currently a conceptual construct of a network system working as a conduit to serve as a direct line of communication for multiple electrical operated objects. In theory if an object has an on/off toggle switch, then the object will eventually be able to be connected to the system. The purpose of the IoT is to provide a medium to connect electrical devices allowing them to work in unison in effort to improve the efficiency of their operations. Advanced algorithms drive these devices to complete complex decision making tasks in real time scenarios to improve the efficiency of their operations (Pye, 2014).
Conceptually the IoT is in the infancy stage, but the foundation for its realization has begun with the development of the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). This upgrade from the Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) corrects the issue of limited Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses. By expanding the number of IP addresses available it ensures new objects will be able to connect and communicate over the vast network (Pye, 2014).
Advancements in the development of smart household automated networks and use of

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