The Time Of The Internet Of Things

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To stay connected from any time and any where to any one, any thing and all the things in between is the sole job of the internet of things (IoT). The internet plays an important role in the modern lifestyle of almost all people around the world. From daily routine home chores to industrial means, everything is dependent on the internet either directly or indirectly in order to have network connectivity to each other. The Internet of things came to define several technologies that enable the use of wireless networks and smart sensors to communicate. The Internet of things allows things to be sensed and controlled remotely in wireless network infrastructure (Watts, & Porter, 1997). The early working system in wireless communication started in 1832 by Baron Schilling in Russia, who created electromagnetic telegraph using electrical signals. In 1833, Carl Friedrich Gauss and Wilhelm Weber created a new code, which could communicate over 1200 meter distance in Göttingen, Germany. Shortly after, in 1835 Joseph Henry and Edward Davy reshaped electrical relay by using a magnetic coil that amplified currents. As a result, they could send their electrical signal to far longer distances. 1926 was a year for yet another revolution in the wireless world. Nikola Tesla, an electrical engineer and futurist, invented wireless power transfer (WPT). Wireless power transfer was used to transmit signals to long distances by using electromagnetic fields in a relative field to transmit the power
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