Critique of Ecology of Youth Collective Socialization by Nicotera, Williams, and Anthony

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In “Ecology of Youth Collective Socialization”, Nicotera, Williams, and Anthony argue that multiple social ecology influences of peers, school, as well as neighborhoods are extensively related to youth’s well-being, as well as misconducts. Within the article written, the intended audience consists of scholars, professionals, parents, as well as current and future researchers. The three authors submitted multiple hypotheses regarding the influences of peers, school, as well as neighborhoods on today’s youth while omitting familial influences. As presented above, the author’s main objective for writing this particular article is to present as well as analyze the collective socialization of today’s youth through peer, school, and neighborhood influences resulting in both positive as well as negative results regarding their well-being and misconducts. Their main arguments consist of their presentation as well as analysis of the influences of both positive and negative outcomes. The author’s base their analysis on each of these influences through administered investigations, current studies, questionnaires, as well as previous research from scholars to support the multiple hypotheses. The purpose of this particular article consists of the examination of the influences of perceived neighborhoods, distal peers, and proximal peers regarding the problematic behavior as well as well-being of today’s youth. Also within this particular article their purpose consisted of how
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