Cross Cultural Communication Skills And Communication

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Introduction This paper will give a brief overview and then analyze the different cross cultural communication skills, including; oral, written, formal, informal, verbal and non verbal. It will then compare and contrast two focus areas of cross culture communication; culture and ethics. This paper will then conclude its findings Brief overview of cross-cultural communication skills Oral communication is transmitted through speech. It includes personal conversations, speeches, meetings, telephone conversations, conference calls, and video tele-conferences (synchronic). Written communication is communications transmitted through writing. It can include e-mails (asynchronic), letters, memos, faxes, formal reports, news releases. Formal communication is transmitted through the chain of command within an organization to other members or to people outside the organization. It includes internal memos, reports, meetings, oral presentations, external letters, written proposal, speeches, news releases, press conferences. Informal communication is transmitted outside formally authorized channels without regard for the organization’s hierarchy of authority. It includes rumours, chats with colleagues in the hallways or during lunch or coffee breaks. Verbal communication is transmitted in the forms of words Meetings, voice mail, telephone conversations, internet forums (asynchronic) and chat (synchronic). Finally, nonverbal communication is transmitted through actions and behaviour
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