Crucible Events and Their Impact on Leadership

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One of the most important aspects a leader should possess is the ability to change his approach to the dynamic environment and culture that leaders phase in all organizations. Jawarlal Nehru said “A leader or a man of action in a crisis almost always acts subconsciously and then thinks of the reasons for his action”. In this thesis I will like to point out two significant events that have changed my leadership style and will carry over not just to my military career but my personal life as well. The first crucible, that has helped to make me a better leader as a young battery commander I had with one of my Lieutenants that changed my approach towards what I believed is the perfect combination of a strong character leader and the…show more content…
The outcome of both assessments were that the Soldiers were tired and that was impacting the quality of the training, another finding was that the Soldiers felt that I was taking time away from their families a few months before deployment and that morale was low. Immediately, I instructed my executive officer to request march credits to return to base with-in 48 hours and not to tell anyone in the unit of the request until the request was approved by the battalion S4 and that I will be the person to tell the unit of the change. The march credits were approved and I notify the unit that we were going back to garrison with-in 48 hours for a tactical pause. I faced the problem of the evaluation with a new training plan incorporating some time off for the Soldiers and leaders in my unit. With four weeks of continuous hard training and with four more weeks before execution time I decided to bring the unit to a tactical pause, for two weeks giving the Soldiers additional time to rest and recover, one week with their families away from the motor pool and the unit and the second week was to go back to the motor pool to conduct maintenance on the equipment in normal duty hours. This change brought the unit’s morale up and it also helped with the maintenance of the equipment but most importantly the Soldiers felt that their leaders care and that their leaders would take care of them. I
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