Cruise Ship 's And The Canadian Arctic Essay

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Cruise Ship 's and the Canadian Arctic

Cruise ship tourism is on the rise, by the end of 2016 nearly 24 million people will have taken a cruise ( Cruise Industry Outlook, 2016). The cruise ship industry has experience a 68% increase in demand since the mid 2000 's. Therefore, it is not surprising then, that the cruise ship industry had an global economic impact of 119.9 billion in 2014 ( Cruise Industry Outlook, 2016). As more individuals turn to cruises to fulfill their vacation needs, and arctic cruises are gaining in popularity due to melting sea ice caused by climate change the issue of sustainability must be discussed, particularly the environmental, economic and cultural impact that these enormous floating hotels will undoubtedly have on the people and environment of Canada 's Arctic.

The 1960 's marked the beginning of cruise tourism ( Brida,, 2013). However, it wasn 't until the 70 's and 80 's that the cruise industry began to experience moderate growth. All of this changed however in 90 's when cruise tourism took root in Europe, Asia and Oceania and 3.8 million people worldwide embarked on ocean adventures ( Brida,, 2013). Although the industry has experienced continual growth since the 90 's, and cruises are consistently ranked as one of the top preferred vacation type by holiday goers, the cruise tourism industry is still relatively small in relation to other forms of international tourism (Brida,, 2013).

Cruise tourism differs

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