Culinary Arts Career Paper

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Growing up as a little boy I’ve always wanted to become a culinary arts top chief. That’s because I’ve been in the kitchen helping/working with my mother preparing a lot of different meals, and I found that really enjoyable that I can cook. I think that cooking/culinary arts would be a good career for me because I enjoy being in the kitchen and learning new thing about what’s in the kitchen. Another things is that I think I would be able to grow up and be able to teach other students in culinary what I’ve learned and what I’ve been taught in the culinary arts classroom.
I’m currently in my culinary arts class now and I’m 92% in there. The last thing I have to do in there is to take my servsafe food handler manger test and I’ll be on 100%. According to ( the servsafe food handler test is a complement of food
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They may be able to share their experience for education to move up in in the company. Also according to ( in industries such as retail trade or transportation, workers without a college degree may work their way up to higher levels within the company to become executives or general managers. Chiefs must know how to manage and lead their company to success. They must be able to coordinating policies, people, and resources. They also must be able to manage business plans, employees, and budgets. I think culinary arts is a good career because it lets you explore the world, meet new people, and you get to do a lot of thing that you will never expect. Culinary arts can take you a very long way.
Inclusion my plan is to be a chief and I plan to open a/an business one day but I’m up for the challenge because I want to be the best chief ever. Conducting this research has taught me so many things concerning the culinary arts field. Pursuing this career is not only a good fit for me but it’s a career that I love and this will allow me to go along
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