Cultural Analysis: Women's Basketball Team

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From my perspective, studying an organizational culture requires the help from both internal and external teams. According to Keyton (2011), “a cultural analysis integrates both insider and outsider perspectives” (p. 167). Without no doubt, the internal team will focus on building the culture since they know the importance of a culture that influences the employees and have convenient access to get information. On the other hand, the external team may consider how to achieve the general, a long-term business goal, and the decision made based on an objective perspective.
Also, the cons of having an internal or external team separately are obvious. First, the internal team lacks objective perspective so that they cannot solve problems that really matter to the company. According to Keyton (2011), “the objective of a cultural analysis is to discover how communication I used in the organization” (p. 168). In addition, the changes that the external team wants to have might change the original culture that the company wants to build, and the conduction would be harder if the external communication delivers misleading information.
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It was awkward when I realized that I had to monitor all the team members’ behavior, especially when we were strangers back then. Of course, I needed to communicate and make friends with them, then give suggestions to their training. From being an outsider at the beginning, I had noticed that being honest and direct was not the wisest way to make changes, so I trained with the girls and became one of them. As a result, things went smoothly while I spoke up what was in my mind.
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