Cultural And Cultural Reflection

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Throughout my first semester at Carroll University, I have learned a great deal about diverse cultures and how they differ from my own. Until I started my journey at college, I never reflected on cultures and if they affected my everyday life. In my cultural seminar, Music of the Movies, our class focuses on how culture is portrayed in movies throughout time. We also completed distinct assignments that assisted in our understanding of culture; this included reading discussions and outside events.
When selecting a seminar, I desired to pick a subject that interested me. Music of the Movies sparked my curiosity due me adoring cinematic films, however I had little knowledge of the scores and was intrigued to learn the process of how they were created. To my surprise, this seminar was not just about these films and their music. Throughout the semester, our class read a book called Social & Cultural Anthropology: A Very Short Introduction written by John Monaghan and Peter Just. This novel focuses on various culture’s aspects and how they compare to the author’s own culture. Although this book was difficult to read at times, there were some topics that fascinated me. In the second chapter, Monaghan and the Mixtecan ate particular foods that were unusual to their cultures. Despite the two individuals finding these meals appalling, they are considered traditional meals in their cultures; both experience a mutual disgust. This scenario gave me a better understanding on how

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