Cultural Event Report Essay

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Assignment 3: Cultural Event Report Smithsonian National Museum of American History
HUM 111 & Summer 2011
September 6, 2011
Professor Dr. Darryl Claybon
Strayer University, Online-Campus

This assignment will detail my visit to one of my favorite museums in Washington, D.C., the Smithsonian’s American History Museum. I have attended the museum several times in my life time and it never gets old. My recent visit I found that the museum is being renovated; they are among other things redoing the president’s wives inaugural dress exhibit, which I love. The day was peaceful and quiet, I like to go look at the pieces around the time tourist season is winding down; you can really enjoy the museum
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This museum can keep you going all day long; I’m a history buff by nature so the Civil War era exhibits catch my eye too. My kids hate going to the museums with me because I can never get pass this one particular museum. The two exhibits I viewed are the president’s wives inaugural gowns which now include the one Michelle Obama wore on Inauguration night; off the shoulder white chiffon dress with the flowers in the front. Mamie Eisenhower’s red scoop neck dress with the ruffle or puff on the hip of it is so cute. That is my favorite dress of all times and it was not an inaugural gown it was a gown she entertained in, she wore it for a state dinner she had at the White House; another dress is Jacqueline Kennedy’s off the shoulder silk gown she wore to an event; as you can see fashion is my passion. Then there is The Jazz Collection with Ms. Ella Fitzgerald you can hear her sing, they play a record of her and they have one of her outfits up. I like the Jazz Treasure exhibit because they do let you hear samplings of the music. They have Marian Anderson on display also, when she sung at the Lincoln Memorial here in Washington D.C. This museum holds a lot of American history that’s why I enjoy it so, much; I’m a bona fide history buff. My overall experience was good I always enjoy going to the museum to see the dresses and the memorabilia, I had an enjoyable time as always. This museum

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