Cultural Influences

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The cultural influences that are upon a person’s mental state of health: hereditary, cultural, and environment. The hereditary influence is the genetic (traits) that are passed down from generation to the next generation. The cultural influence is the values and beliefs shared between people. The environmental influence is the person’s surroundings and the objects, places, and people a person has contact with. Ghaemi and Powers, both wrote books containing the cultural influences aspect, and how the mental state changes. The three cultural influences all play a role in a person's mental state. Ghaemi and Powers explains the influences of that the three cultural has by providing examples. Heredity influences is the genetic that are past down from generation, and Ghaemi’s one out of the four standards of identifying mental illness is family history. Abraham Lincoln’s family history included his cousin being placed in a hospital for insanity and his father showed emotions of sadness and gloomy. Lincoln had symptoms of depression and yet historians disagree upon if depression represented his mental illness. Lincoln thought of suicide after the death of a woman he loved. Lincoln suffered from was severe depressive episode followed by a recovery until one next episode. Adolf Hitler’s family history consisted of Hitler’s father displayed manic symptoms and hyperthymic personality (Ghaemi pg. 193). He had three siblings die before he was born, his parents were cousins. It
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