Culture And Culture Of The Kingdom Of Bahrain

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The Kingdom of Bahrain Amid of the everchanging history of our world, the culture of a country must be understood. Perhaps what defies culture, and what influences culture to change throughout history. Within a group of people, characteristics is what defies culture. Multiple things can defy a country’s culture such as: ideas, behaviors, customs, beliefs, and traditions that country which is passed from generation to generation. As the world is continuously changing, culture changes along with is. It has evolved due to changes of people’s beliefs, thoughts of the future and advancement of technology. The Kingdom of Bahrain has many attributes to culture, due to its’s main populations of Shi’a and Sunni. Although, focusing on its environment, military capability, and political views.

The Kingdom of Bahrain, located in the Middle East, is an archipelago of the Persian Gulf and sits east of Saudi Arabia. Land mass consist of an area of 760 square kilometers total which also includes adjacent islands, to which in comparison would be three and a half times the size of Washington, DC. Total population of the island is 1,410,942 people. Two major exports of the Kingdom include the production of aluminum and oil, which constitutes 86% of its revenue. The country also is experimenting new plans to seek new natural gas supplies to support it’s expanding petrochemical and aluminum production. Also, Bahrain has implemented the first Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in August of

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