Current Strategic Position : Netflix

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Current Strategic Position Introduction: Netflix was originally co-founded by software executives Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. When this company was founded, the strategy was to be able to offer online movie rentals in 1997. As time progressed, Netflix was able to launch a subscription service to be able to offer unlimited rentals for a low cost monthly fee. In 2007, Netflix introduced instant streaming, which allowed customers to be able to instantly watch TV shows and movies on their computers, followed by other electronics including the TV in 2008. Since 2010, Netflix has been expanding globally including places like Latin America, the Caribbean, and places across Europe. They plan to be in as many places across they globe as possible in the near future. In 2013 Netflix was the first Internet TV network to get nominated for the primetime Emmy, and in 2014 won 7 creative Emmy Awards for Netflix creative series like, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Netflix has revolutionized the way of watching movies and TV shows, while captivating over 50 million viewers around the world thus far (Netflix, 2015). Current Corporate Level Long Term Strategy: According to Tom’s Guide, Netflix tops the list of the best streaming video services for 2015. Right now there are a handful of different options for video streaming, but no two are alike. Netflix strives to find news way to stay at the top of the list for streaming services in their long-term strategy. One factor that
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