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The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the ability to use a range of online resources and tools such as those covered in the multi-part activity which are, book evaluation, journal article evaluation, Curriculum Vitae (CV) writing and the insite workbook. By completing the multi-part assessment, skills in understanding referencing and citation as well as being able to select credible resources will be demonstrated within this assignment.

Jasper (2013) articulates that reflective practice is an important tool used to learn from previous experiences. This enables healthcare professionals to improve their knowledge and skills throughout their career. As a Combat Medical Technician (CMT) in the British Army, professional development …show more content…

That is why it is imperative for an individual to check the validity of the author and publisher. The book chosen to evaluate was Rehabilitation Techniques for Sports Medicine and Athletic Training (Prentice, et al. 2015). The book is aimed at healthcare professionals working in injury rehabilitation, specifically sports medicine and athletic training. The terminology contained within this book requires strong background knowledge in muscular skeletal injuries. The book is current as it is the latest edition in rehabilitation techniques and the contents is written by subject matter experts within the practice of rehabilitation. By completing the multi-part activity this has given an understanding in the importance of evaluating a source to ensure the information used to reference from is appropriate, current and suitable for the …show more content…

The article was peer-reviewed and it was published by the British Medical Journal which is a highly accredited publisher. According to the British Medical Journal (2017) it has published numerous articles dating back to 1840 and is ranked fourth among general medical journals as well as being routinely cited in clinical guidelines. Previous to this task, I was aware of the British Journal of Sports Medicine and will continue to use it as a reliable reference source. The article is current and informative in reducing the risk of injury by identifying potential risks associated with the environment and the individual and how to mitigate them. As CMT’s deal with numerous muscular skeletal injuries, this article is a beneficial guide as it provides an insight into injury risk. Completing the journal article evaluation has given me the understanding of what information to scrutinise when searching for a credible source to reference

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