Customer Centric BSC

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Customer-Centric BSC A number of companies were focused on upon with the Gumbus and Lussier (2006) article and each company approached the customer-centric focus a bit differently. Hyde Park focused on increase sales and increased income from product acceptance as well as customer satisfaction reporting with shipments and use/satisfaction with the online web portal using statistics such as participation rates and overall site use (Gumbus & Lussier, 2006). Futura Industries focused on the base measures of customer satisfaction, customer hassle index, on-time delivery performance using scoring for the customer satisfaction and customer hassle index and a straight up or down on each delivery to show an overall level of on-time delivery. SGC linked performance to better customer outcomes and paid people performing on a higher level strategically based on those outcomes. In other words, they used results as reported by customers (either explicitly or through report measuring) and the people who led to success were rewarded. Analysis As for whether the metrics above are customer-centric as defined by Niven, some of them are and some of them are not. Niven makes reference to the value proposition, which is a neat way of referring to the process by which a customer figures out whether they are getting what they need and want based on what they are paying for. Looking only at sales is a bad idea because it perhaps omits who are repeat customers and who are not and while sales
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