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INDUSTRY PROFILE HISTORY OF WASHING MACHINE Washing machine made their mark in the Indian market in the eighties. Videocon was the first company in India to introduce washing machine. Over the years it has remained market leader, with an overall market share of 35%, by introducing flexible strategies. Initially, the challenge was to ran away homemakers from their traditional method of washing clothes, but then, owing to high prices, the market appeared to be limited only to upper income urban households. The 1990s saw a change in the socio-economic scene in the country. Rapid economic growth, increase in the number of working women, changing lifestyles and higher asp rational levels with exposure to satellite television and easy…show more content…
It has become an essential thing to have a washing machine in each and every house not only for reducing the work and also for the prestige. Now-a-days most of the women’s are working for them the work load will be very high to reduce such type of hose works washing machine had become an essential products for them. DETERMINANTS OF THE INDUSTRY 1. Price: The demand for washing machine in price sensitive and as the prices have fallen due to increased competition among various old and was entrants the demand has rise. The demand is price sensitive because of low levels of disposable income 2. Low penetration income: According to the ORG – MARG reports India constitutes about 71% of the total number of households. However, rural penetration levels remain lower than in urban areas, rural penetration levels of refrigerators stand at 4% and washing machine 2%. These figures reflect the potential demand of players to exploit. Now as the rural India is upgrading the companies can try pt tap this market, which offers huge potential. 3. Income levels: With rising levels of real disposable income and the consequent change is inspirational levels, branded durables have become thing of proud

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