Customer Service And Customer Loyalty

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In my opinion our company is relatively strong in 2 of the 4 characteristics of “analytic competitor” as described in the text. Our goal as company is to be superior in customer service and customer loyalty. To that end we have tools developed that assist everyone in the company and we are committed, from the CEO down to line-level team member, to review the same statistics used for continuous improvement. Where we lack strength is having a distinctive capability and due to some system limitations in data warehousing, we still do quite a bit of individual reporting. Prior to working for this company I worked at the Well Established Casino (WEC) organization for 10 years. I learned quite a bit about standard reporting at WEC. Digging into how things worked and what interpretations were used to categorize casino player behavior was very rewarding. While WEC was superior in bucketing and appropriately setting expectations in future customer behavior, their reporting lacked some details preventing marketing operations from quickly responding to outlier influences and climate changes in the industry. I moved onto HTC where most of the reporting was financial in nature. Having opened newer casino properties our corporate structure did not immediately embrace the need for marketing analysis to potentially improve revenue streams that were already robust enough. I came on board with HTC in late 2010 as the Regional Director of Marketing Analysis when they opened casino number two.
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