Customer Service Process Of Customer Loyalty And Their Retention

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Customer service is the process of interacting with the customers and the companies to understand the customers’ demands and queries. The customer service is there for each top restaurant who wants to provide a better dining experience to their customers and to get feedbacks from them (Huemer and Setzer, 2011). The customer service helps the company or the restaurants to understand the needs and demands of its customers. By doing that, the company can retain their customers who become loyal to the restaurant after certain period of being served and thus, the restaurant wins the heart of its customers. The main objective in carrying out this research is to determine the importance of customer service process in the acquisition of customer loyalty and their retention to the restaurants in UK by taking the special reference of top two restaurants where one is Berners Tavern and another is New London Café.
1.1 Background of the Research
From various studies, it has been found that the restaurants are able to win the heart of their customers through good quality and tasty food meals and by giving proper services, which will fulfil their wishes. Therefore, a restaurant should look after the demands and needs of its consumers and based on that should prepare its plan for future in introducing new items in their menu and services (Padua, 2012). Different groups and organizations already have carried out many researches but researches about this particular topic are much less…
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