Customer Service at Sangria Company Essay

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Customer Service at Sangria Company Introduction ============ Sangria Company is one of the country largest soft drink companies. Sangria with it is 10 manufacturing plants all over United States and more than 1,200 employees produce an average of 5,40,5000 cases of soft drink monthly. Sangria Company recognizes that customer satisfaction is the key to their long-term success. They monitor customer satisfaction and are interested in finding ways to improve that satisfaction. Unfortunately, they have identified problems in the current system that lead to inefficiencies and a less-than-optimal level of satisfaction. Fortunately, the company is willing to commit resources to…show more content…
The phone system is currently set up with two lines: if the customer service representative is on one line, incoming calls are routed to voice mail where the customer can leave a message. The representative listens to the messages and returns calls as time permits. This is an inefficient system as the customer service representative has difficulty taking calls directly on busy days. Instead, the representative ends one call, listens to the next voice mail, returns that call, and so forth. Or, someone who is fortunately enough to reach the customer service representative directly may "bump" those who are waiting for a callback. As a result, some customers who become frustrated while waiting for the customer service representative to return their callr may call again and, reaching the representative directly, "jump" ahead in line. With a better phone system and one part time worker to help the customer service representative, the customer service representative can focus on serious complaints that involve off taste and illness and deal with them in timely manner more efficiently and effectively where many processes are involved starting from receiving
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