Cyber Crime : A Very Fast Growing Area Of Crime

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PROBLEM 1: Cyber Crime 1. Problem is clearly defined Nowadays cybercrime is a very fast growing area of crime. An increased number of criminals are misusing the velocity, accommodation and anonymity of the Internet to carry out a differing scope of criminal exercises that know no bounds, either physical or virtual, can cause great damage and pose a real threat to people around the world. Cyber crime includes any criminal demonstration managing PCs and systems (called hacking). Furthermore, cyber crime likewise incorporates customary violations directed through the Internet. For instance; telemarketing and Internet extortion, hate crimes, data fraud, and credit card fraud are thought to be cyber crimes when the unlawful exercises are…show more content…
All of this can be done through cyber crime. It is important for an organization to prevent all of this from happening hence it is important to have knowledge of a possible occurrence of cyber crime within the organization. 4. Importance of the problem in relation to the source In relation to the source, the type of cyber crime committed was hacking into the systems of a bank and transferring money into overseas account. The information of the clients at the bank is at threat and also information of sensitive information of the bank can be hacked into and accessed. The bank may lose the trust of their customers, which in turn reduces their market share and sales volumes. Cyber crime can lead to several chain effects that may not be recognizable immediately. PROBLEM 2: Negative employees 1. Problem is clearly defined Low employee morale can be a genuine concern for an organization. Employees that are not happy can prompt decreased efficiency, poor client administration and issues with representative maintenance. While perks, for example, raises, benefits and employee acknowledgment projects can expand employee moral. 2. How the source defines the problem The source talks about the owner of plastic mobile who realized that he needed to increase employee moral at the workplace and when one of the employees working overtime sighed and said “I need a
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