Cybercrime Is A Common Crime That Is Done By A Person To

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Cybercrime is a common crime that is done by a person to take advantage of computers or technology devices by receiving another person’s personal information or committing acts of fraud or larceny. Cybercrime has expanded since the technology era and has advanced with several new devices that allows information to be stored or recorded by gathering evidence that is pertaining to a crime. There are many types of cybercrime and anybody can be a victim by providing information through financial transactions or being naïve. In order to conduct a criminal investigation, forensic computing is used to examine a variety of technology devices that are used or could be used has a mechanism for a criminal to get what they want. Keywords: forensic…show more content…
When a person commits the acts of damaging property, selling illegal material, terrorism or misusing funds inappropriately they are participating in the acts of cybercrime. According to Siegel (2012), cybercrime is defined as “the use of modern technology for criminal purposes” (p. 660). The widespread use of internet in our daily lives has established the age of information technology (IT). IT is a big component of networking, communicating, and utilizing the internet in order to assist the economic system. Many industries and manufacturing companies are expanding due to IT in order to produce a globalization market. The internet has lengthened and partner with other global services to provide entertainment, communication, research, and education (Siegel, 2012). Since cybercrime is not a physical attack but therefore, is very harmful financially and emotionally it highly affects people. The number of incidents that have occurred by this crime is enormous. Within in a one day period over 4,000 attacks occur, 170 per hour, and 3 every minute. This online crime is very serious and annually is committed 1.5 million times. Prior it was mention that individuals are not only affected but, businesses are staked at large. Per year 16, 856 cybercrimes are dedicated a year. Broken down into a one day interval that is 46 attacks every day or 2 attacks every hour. Many businesses
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