Cyberspace And Terrorism : Communication And Security Essay

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Cyberspace and Terrorism
Jamie Lee

National University
HSE 635

Communication and Security

Khatibloo Mohamad
Nov 24, 2016

Abstract Around the world people no longer just communicate or interact with each another through written letters, emails or over the phone. Now people are using the World Wide Web as their main source of communication. Social media being one of the new forms of interaction people elect to use in order to communicate their thoughts, feelings and share life changes. The internet is an deep ocean filled with ways for people to socialize, stay connected and make life overall more convenient. This luxury is not available to everyone and can be taken advantage of by the wrong people (Nacos, 2016). Terrorist organizations are able to use the internet and all the available sites to their benefit, social media sites being the most popular. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are all forms of computer-mediated technologies used for personal entertainment but is also being used by terrorists and terrorist organizations. Groups such as al-Qaida, ISIS and other terrorist organizations use social media for their benefit of recruiting future terrorist, promoting their cause, preaching their ideologies and raising funds for their terrorist operations, not to mention also spreading fear (Lohrmann, 2016). The dark web is also an area of interest terrorist like to use for their benefit where they can again raise funding and possibly recruit.
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