DataDot Case Study on HRM

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CASE DATADOT Motivation in Practice Introduction A young high-tech company, Datadot, has grown rapidly during the last few years and it is very clear that the CEO, Paul, has kept the entrepreneurial spirit of the company. Due to the rapid growth, there has been a restructure of the company with now three managers in three business units; although, the managers are in charge of applications, communications and Internet solutions, Paul is still the single point of contact for all staff and has the final say in most decision, making it very difficult for the managers to do their job. In the recent months, Paul has notice that the employees are not motivated and are loosing the passion and enthusiasm they had shown for the firm in…show more content…
As employees feel that they are not being recognized by their work, not just monetarily, but when they feel neglected and unappreciated, they will show demotivation, a loss of their sense of belonging and loss commitment for their company. A Mid-Term Plan We are playing a role as a consultant in this case. We would suggest and help DATADOT or Paul to improve his company system, which would benefit himself and the whole company, using Engagement Principles: 1. Introduce and socialise the company 's vision, mission, and goal to the employees as often as necessary to create an understanding for the employees about their employer and company. Let the employees embrace the broad picture of the company and help plant a sense of belonging towards the company. What is Datadot meaning? 2. Create a system where the company and employees would be able to keep track on employees ' performances. The company should be able to know how capable and competence their employees really are, also to give proper support to the employees skill improvement, if necessary. The employees need to be able to feel that they gain adding value by working in Datadot. Set up an effective performance evaluation system for employees. E.g, Marc and other employees should be able to know and feel that their works are appreciated and rewarded. 3. Implement a feedback scheme. Datadot will benefit a lot from getting the employees ' feedback. Datadot needs to encourage and motivate the
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