T-Mobile Executive Summary

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IT 396-44 Management Information Systems
Final Project Deliverable - Part I
Group Members: Sameer Khatri & Fnu Tasrifa
Monroe College
Professor A. Villegas
March 12, 2017 Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Description of The Company
Project Description
Description of the Areas to be Investigated and Evaluated
i. Information Systems ii. Technical Information iii. Business Information iv. The Information System and the Business Model
v. The Information System and Competition
Summary of the Findings

Executive Summary
We are undergraduate students in the course IT 396-44 Management Information Systems at Monroe College. Professor Asteria Villegas is the instructor for …show more content…

Virgin Islands under the T-Mobile and MetroPCS brands. Its competitors in the wireless communications industry are AT&T and Verizon which are the nation’s leading wireless and data services providers. They are much larger than T-Mobile, and their annual incomes are much higher than that of T-Mobile’s. However, T-Mobile is gaining popularity for its affordability, improved services and products, and also for its customer care services.
The mission statement of T-Mobile is: “As America's Un-carrier, T-Mobile US, is redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading products and service innovations. The Company's advanced nationwide 4G LTE network delivers outstanding wireless experiences to 67.4 million customers who are unwilling to compromise on quality and value” (About T-Mobile, 2017).
The IT infrastructure of T-Mobile consists of various workstations, computer systems, printers, servers, cloud storage, databases, firewalls, smartphones, etc. at its various locations throughout the US and internationally. The center point of our project is the T-Mobile franchise store at 3105 36th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11106. Most of our information are gathered from the employees working in different departments at the …show more content…

However, this project’s main focus is on the Customer Relation Management (CRM) System of T-Mobile, which is QuikView.
QuikView is T-Mobile’s primary customer care application used by both company customer care representatives and authorized third-party T-Mobile dealers to provide various customer services. According to a report, “the QuikView application reduced the annual average call length by 8 to 10 seconds when compared to its predecessors. It completely eliminated more than 16,000 calls from third-party vendors per month by allowing them to complete more operations without customer care assistance. T-Mobile executives estimate the app paid for itself through these savings in less than 2 years” (Baggett, 2015).
Universal Mind designed and developed QuikView to help representatives access customers account information more efficiently, answer their questions, and sell the right products and services as per their needs. “It was designed to unite customer, product, and service information from T-Mobile’s legacy applications in onscreen. They created a stable, extensible enterprise-class application so that T-Mobile could rapidly update functionality for new products and promotions” (Baggett,

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