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faster than others. There are certain time frames when important milestones are supposed to occur; however, there is not set specific times. For example, children should be speaking by around two years old; however, if they begin a bit earlier or a bit later it may not effect later development. During the first two years of life there is a great deal of physical, social and metal development. This essay is going to discuss a 15 minute observation of a one and a half year old girl, and how her actions relate to theoretical concepts. Application of Theory to Everyday Experience The way people act in certain situations is based on numerous factors. One of the major contributing factors is age. A person who is 40 who …show more content…

She first arrives at the daycare at roughly eight o’clock in the morning with her mother dropping her off. Her mother carries her into the day care with all of her belongings, says her goodbyes with hugs and kisses, and hands her daughter off to the daycare provider. The child does not seem phased that her mother is leaving her and she seems content and happy in the day care provider’s hands. The day care provider then talks to the child as the mother is exiting and brings her over to the other children. The subject is smiling and seems happy. The caregiver places her down with the other kids and she begins playing with them. Before she arrived they were all playing with Legos and she quickly joins in with them. She begins mimicking them doing as they do. After joining them for about 8 minutes she gets up and begins to walk toward the playroom. She stops by the toy bin where she finds a toy with many buttons and levers that she begins playing with. She stayed by herself for the remainder of the 15 minute observation. She occasionally looked up at the observer with a smile on her face but for the most part went about her business playing on her own occasionally letting out a little babble talk to the …show more content…

13-18 months- there should be slow growth on the child's vocabulary. 8. 18 months- there should be dramatic increase in learning of words up to three words a day. 9. 21 months- a child should be forming 2 word sentences. 10. 2 years- a child should be forming multi word sentences. The baby being observed is a little behind on her language development. She can speak some words but they often do not make sense. She can understand a decent amount of words. In the following few months her language will continue to develop. The more she is exposed to people talking to her the better off she will be. Infants are in Piaget’s sensorimotor stage during the first two years, where the babies use their senses and surroundings to learn. The infant in this observation is learning from her adult care givers and her peers in daycare. Physical growth is particularly fast during the first 2 years of life. A baby’s birthweight doubles by 6 months and triples by its first birthday. Similarly, a baby grows in length around 10 to 12 inches. The baby under observation is good size for her age. As she continues to age she will continue to grow. It is very important for them to have proper nutrition so they can continue to grow and have strong

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