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In southern Pennsylvania, a city named Fayetteville where country music is blasting during the day and when night comes the air fills with silence. Where a strange teenage girl who is short and stocky, has long, dark brown hair with stunning hazel eyes and lives near an eerie forest holds a secret. This secret began in a glossy 18-inch computer during a summer morning where the knowledge of Superman and Star Wars wasn’t enough for her. When browsing on Facebook, she sees something extraordinary. This eccentric character, who wears a red morph costume, that has big white eyes, with surrounding black outlines, looking like Spider-Man appears on a YouTube video screen, dancing to the famous song of 2012, Gangnam style! The character is named Deadpool,…show more content…
Aside from being a bookworm, she too has an idiosyncratic taste in music. The young woman familiarized to the sound of Rhythm and Blues that was often heard in the streets of Rhode Island or the chilling on a hot summer’s day listening to the tropical beats of Bachata sung in the barrios of República Dominicana. Ultimately, the young woman’s lovely ears became enchanted listening to the melodic soft tones and hard beats of a rapper whose name is Rap Monster. She deliriously turned into an NSA agent searching all over the web to get the facts about this man. What she found was that this man, also known as Kim Namjoon, is from a country, millions of miles away. Feeling as if this person was rapping to her soul, when she investigated that he was in a Korean Pop group, she couldn’t believe it. This sensation she felt was like a kid setting foot in Disney world for the first time and never wanting to leave. These seven boys that go by the name, Bangtan Sonyeondan divided by singers and rappers changed her life. Every time she tunes to them on her tablet, she transports to a bed of flowers in the middle of the city. This mysterious young woman became obsessed with many possessions that have crossed her path. Even today she is still discovering many things to fall in love with. You may wonder who this fangirl might be and why is she telling this story? This fangirl is me. Through these different perceptions of personality depicted in these characters, defines who I am and why I’m proud to state, I’m a
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