Dear Future Self Analysis

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Megan Harding
April 6, 2017
English 15
Section 88 Dear Future self, For years, you have been struggling with the scenario of a teacher assigning a project nearly a month before the designated due date. You write the due date down in your planner and promise yourself this time you will begin the assignment early to avoid the stress of rushing to complete the task at the last minute. However, weeks go by and each time your planner reminds you of the approaching deadline, you pick up your laptop to begin yet you convince yourself there is still a whole week before the project must get turned in. Because of this thought, you close your laptop and instead take a long nap. A week passes and you realize your project is due the next day. Frantic, you quickly
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Although you may feel eager to obtain a solution that works automatically, understand that the process will take time to have long lasting, positive effects on your lifestyle (Burka). Combining potential solutions will become unorganized and cause difficulties with focusing on your end goal. Trying to practice each technique will make you feel overwhelmed, overworked, and discouraged. These negative feelings will produce effects opposite of what you wish for and cause you to give up your attempt to end procrastination (Burka). In correspondence with your eagerness to break your bad habit, you must remember to not rush the process. Trying to put too much of your time and energy into solving the problem may prove effective at first; however, you will soon notice yourself becoming overwhelmed with the pressure to change immediately. By breaking down the process into steps and conquering each factor contributing to procrastination piece by piece, you will find yourself reaching success more often than taking on the task as a whole
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