Death By Edgar Allan Poe

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Death is an inevitable event that will occur in a life. When, how, and where are the beginnings of questions posed about the topic, and the fear of not knowing this leads it to be a taboo subject in many discussions. Edgar Allan Poe defied this sense of taboo and wrote many works centering on the topic of death. It is Edgar Allan Poe’s discussion of death in his works that reveals the innate human perversion of the discussion of death. The reason for his discussion of death may find roots in his personal life. Poe was born into a traveling family in 1809 and had two other siblings. His parents tragically lost their lives three years later and he had to live with a foster family, separated from his two siblings, who went to live with other families. In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Allan, Poe worked for his foster parents until 1926, when he decided to attend the University of Virginia at Richmond. His troubles began here because he lived in poverty due to inadequate education funds from his foster parents, and eventually returned home to begin his writing career. To worsen his state of being, Poe found his fiancée was seeing another man, and had lost interest in him. Disheveled by events, Poe set out to become a great poet, but not before he would be riddled with more grief. Shortly after leaving the Allan home, Poe received word Mrs. Allan, the closest thing he had to a mother, had died. He published yet another book of poetry after her death, but after a few months he learned

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