Decision Making As A Deliberate Conscious Essay

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Introduction Decision making is one of the most complicated processes of the human brain where the intervention of several factors produces different results (Lizárraga, Baquedane & Cardelle-Elawar, 2007). As defined by Harris (1980) “Decision making is the study of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the values and preferences of the decision maker”. Also, Shull et al. (1970) defines decision making as a deliberate conscious effort that involve individual and social differences (as cited in Al-Tarawneh, 2012). In order to make a decision, there are several steps that must be followed in which Baker et al.(2001) specifies as defining the problem, determining the requirements the problem should meet, establishing goals to solve the problem, identifying alternatives, defining the criteria of the goals, selecting a decision making tool, evaluating alternatives against the criteria, and finally validating the solution chosen against the posed problem (as cited in Fülöp, n.d.). Moreover, this entire process is affected by several factors that can be personal, non-personal, environmental, etc. Halbert (1998) states that the fatigue, thirst, excessive heat deteriorates cognitive skills. For instance, according to Wright (1974), “Under time stress, decision-making performance deteriorated when more, rather than less information was provided”. Additionally, Cohen and Freeman (1996) claim that “More experienced decision makers buy themselves more time for resolving
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