Decreasing the Wait Time for Cafeteria Food at Howard University

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In my proposal plan I recommend that the average wait time at each food station in the café be decreased, especially during high rush hour time for example during the lunch and dinner rushes. We can help reduce the time by having servers make up pre portioned plates that way students can grab and go instead of wait in a line for upwards of thirty minutes for cold food. We can also have different food options added that serve different options because as of now the food lines operate on a schedule with the same food options every week. Another recommendation would to be expanded the cafeteria as a whole. As of now Howard University as roughly 10,000 undergraduate students, the cafeteria can barely hold 800 students comfortably. This will …show more content…

I also learned that during peak hours of operation at both cafeterias the same amounts of workers are on duty, to deal with the mass volumes of students. Students find that when they receive their meals the food is often cold which is a health concern when food is not properly heated. This can cause other concerns for student health for example food poisoning, which I reluctantly got from eating food from the Howard university cafeteria. Some of the alternatives that I propose are to increase the amount of workers during rush hour times to decrease the wait time. Also increase food options in what is Howard’s food court “Punch Out," Determining what changes to the current system that will be most effective above will have to be analyzed in a most cost effective way.

To asses the current situation at the annex and Blackburn cafeteria, I would like to use a simulation or decision-making model to see if my proposal would be a particle plan. The simulations will what we do not know as opposed to the information we already know. The simulations will allow us to test what effect a change will have on the current system of reaching out in the community around Howard University while also fixing the problem internally. The model relies on the strength of the opinions of the student body and faculty members on the practicality of the situation. It will replicate the

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