Defragmentation in Technology with Concepts in Theoretical Philosophy

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The purpose of this paper is to juxtapose the idea of ‘Fragmentation’ in technology with concepts in theoretical philosophy. The concept of ‘Fragmentation’ Fragmentation is a technological phenomenon which occurs in computers. The process takes place in the hard disk when a file or data is being deleted or saved or changed. The changes made are being saved at another location, different from the location where the original file is being stored. Additional changes keep getting saved at different locations leading to fragmentation of both the data and the hard disk. Due to this, the computer slows down as it has to locate all broken pieces of a file (or information) and arrange them in an order. Now, hypothetically replace a…show more content…
To simplify this, disk defragmentation brings all the changes to the word file saved at multiple locations to a single location in a certain order and arranges the modification in a matrix. This makes it easier for the computer to locate data faster with more efficiency. It reduces the extra energy and time that is being taken to find the scattered pieces of information. Now, the process of disk defragmentation could be connected to an exercise like meditation. Meditation acts therapeutically as a cure to the inefficiency of the mind. Meditation is a tool used to have a tryst with eternal enlightenment and delete all forms of negative radiations within the peripheries of human mind. Due to fragmentation our ideas, thoughts and judgements are spread in an uneven pattern in our mind and we find it hard to reach a conclusion during unfavourable circumstances and we choose the short-cut of ignoring the problem. But, as we know ignorance can help only in the “short term”, eventually one has to seek long-term solutions to problems. Reuben Blades has said – “I think we risk becoming the best informed society that has ever died of ignorance.”Ignorance not only leads to the degradation of a society but also an individual being. The process of meditation is just like disk defragmentation, it re-arranges the thoughts in the matrix of our minds. It keeps all the arguments that self-contradict in the desired order and propriety, making us capable enough to distinguish

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