Delay Causes And Objectives Of Project Time, Cost, And Quality Essay

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2.1 Introduction This chapter a study of literature on the topic of delay causes and objectives of project time, cost, and quality. In the project life series, the most important factors troubling the termination of a project commonlyexist in at the early stages. At this location, effect should be based on expert financial judgment with due exterior for enough financing, commonpublic and regulatory atmosphere, and industrialized considerations (Hendrickson and Au, 2003). Predicting and understanding the problems in front of they take place, careful study to keep away from any of them and adopting suitableproduct when they really come into reality is expected when fore-knowledge of which challenges are most expected to take location in construction projects isexisting. 2.2 Type of Delay Construction delays can be considered as time lag in achievement of actions from a fixed time as per contract or they can be defined as late completion or late start of behavior to the planned schedule or contract schedule. When project delay occurs it means project cannot be completed within stated time, which means there will be extensions of time required which will further result in fine, increased cost due to inflation, extinction of contract, court cases etc. or combinations of above stated factors. Delay can be seen as risk for the project and could be handled at inception stage or at least one can try to mitigate or minimize it. Risk is an integral part of a construction project; it

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