Delivering Record Products Without Delays

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Introduction The record label Music Co. was experiencing a high number of incident tickets regarding its digital release planning system, mostly as a result of delays in a release, reported by the sales team. The company applied a DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) roadmap of six sigma to find the reasons for the delays in their planning system and to improve the planning system. The critique essay aims to analyze the related article, Delivering Record Products without Delays: A DMAIC Case Study, written by Sridhar Bakthavatchalam and M. Hosein Fallah, according to the 10 criteria which were determined by Thomas and Arne and are often used to evaluate Six Sigma projects in order to find the merits and demerits of the…show more content…
However, the project team failed to set a standard for delivery on time which could regard as the benchmark to evaluate the successes. what’s more, the team also need to design a concrete and effective plan to achieve the goal. A good project should focus on the strategic planning and the targets of the organization. Setting timely delivery of products as the whole portion of business growth is quite simple and blind. The company also should explore other elements which are needed to improve its business. Thus, we give a medium grade as measured against this criterion. The second criterion is the application of Six Sigma tools. According to the case study, it thoroughly follows the DMAIC ways. We can evaluate the project utilizes the Six Sigma tools correctly on the five phases. In the defined phase, the SIPOC diagram shows suppliers, inputs, outputs and customers using flowcharts of the overall business process. The measure phase utilizes a process map to demonstrate the timeline and the process steps for a release cycle. Six sigma team also utilize chart to show issues. In the analysis phase, the team adopts a Cause-and-Effect diagram to explain delays in Cycle Time, and draws a chart to show the results which would cause due to release delay. Finally, they used a run chart in the control phase to demonstrate the how errors improved. This study used the tools in the Six Sigma appropriately and also used the Six Sigma
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