Depaul Corporation Executive Summary

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DePaul is comprised of two nonprofit organizations, DePaul Industries which serves provide clients and DePaul Services serving government clients, both registered as 502 and tax-exempt organizations. Both companies had the same mission, to identify and generate employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Company: DePaul Industries is a comprehensive outsourcing specialist with eight locations in five states. We’ve been providing staffing and security services and creating job opportunities for our employees. They work as a third party intermediary between businesses and employee clients. Firms Mission: Employment Opportunities for individuals with disabilities. DePaul was able to give over 860,000 hours to individuals with a disability. This covers a wide range of people with many different conditions. Three Core Revenue-Generating Businesses: 1. Staffing Services: generated over 50% of DePaul’s…show more content…
Contract Packaging and Manufacturing: because there were no clear leaders in this industry it was easy to implement in the market share. Their mission was to provide good entry level jobs for individuals whose profiles and disabilities meant that they could not or would not be hired through security or staffing 4. Training and Support Employment: Sahher was able to bring the training programs across the businesses of DePaul. No longer where individuals trained for clerical jobs no be able to be placed by staffing services. Today they are linked and run together efficiently. 2011-2016 Strategic Plan: This was a very ambition plan. Their goal was to triple their profits and begin expanding their practice to different locations. After obtaining a staffing contract of at least $250 thousand dollars DePaul wants to open a new office location that has the market to make a lot of profit. Financial prospects: DePaul is looking to borrow6.5 million to cover its cash flow in 2012 and 2016 they would need a cash flow well over 15 million to finance its
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