Describe Different Types Of Child Abuse

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There are different types of child abuse, such as;
-Physical abuse
-Sexual abuse
-Emotional abuse

Any type of abuse can leave you feeling distracted and alone. It allows you to feel isolated from everyone, this can ruin relationships with family, friends. It lowers self esteem, and prevents you from being able to focus. It can leave you feeling guilty. The children are vulnerable, they don’t realise that what is happening, is wrong. They often find it tough to talk to anyone about it.

Physical abuse is any form of negative abuse; this is anything like-
-Broken Limbs
This includes any injuries that can't be explained or that have …show more content…

The symptoms include;
-Hand prints
The Signs are;
-Being Distracted
-Changes in personality
-Sudden outbursts of anger
-Feeling isolated
-Changes in behaviour
-Low self esteem
Emotional abuse is verbal abuse, which doesn’t include any physical contact or harm. Which is another form of abandoning or failing to live up to a child's needs. Every child needs to feel wanted and appreciated, or their self esteem goes down and this causes them to feel distracted and not loved.
This includes;
-Name calling
-Constant disapproval
Signs are;
-Low self esteem
-Lowered confidence
-Lost interest
-Left feeling isolated
-Changes in behaviour
Neglect is failing to support their child, and not giving the child what it needs.
This includes;
-Poor hygiene
-Continually late to school
-Change in attitudes
-Changes in

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