Describe Ways To Improve Productivity And Efficiency

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3.1 I can review the benefits and drawbacks of IT tools and systems used in terms of productivity and efficiency PowerPoint tools can be very useful when making a presentation. Tools like master slide can help because you could edit one slide to how you want it you can use that for the whole presentation. Another one is embedding videos, this very useful because it saves time and engages the audience into your presentation. Slide transition is very effective because it takes you from slide to slide quickly and effectively. Another tool is hyperlinks; hyperlinks are very useful because they can get you to websites and places very quickly and effectively. 3.2 I can describe ways to improve productivity and efficiency One way I could …show more content…

3 Images The images should be clear and easy to see Some of the images were pixelated I had to change the images and alter them 4 Animation All the animation should work correctly and smoothly The animation worked smoothly No actions needed 5 Fonts All the fonts should be the same unless if they are a heading or title Some of the text was the wrong sizes I had to change the font sizes. 3.0 Candidates will develop and test solutions to improve the on-going use of IT tools and systems Software Advantages Disadvantages cost Could it be suitable? Ms PowerPoint Advantages of PowerPoint are its Easy to use, the slides are presented simply, has some very good features e.g. you can change the design of your PowerPoint, there are lots of different fonts and colours. If you are new to using PowerPoint it is very easy to figure out and get used to. Disadvantages of PowerPoint are that you can only have the slides a certain size so if you want to write loads and add images to the slide it may take up all of the space and you would have to move onto another slide, very expensive. The school already has it Ms PowerPoint is suitable to make a presentation as it has all the features you need to present

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