Description Of Targets Business Model Essay

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Description of Targets Business Model Outputs Bedding Electronics Kitchen Goods Home Furnishings Market Segments College Students Newly Weds New Home Owners Parents to Be Marketing Efforts Direct Mail Internet Ads Word of Mouth Text Messaging By obtaining all of Targets subsidiaries, this has created and added a huge value to the company by making Target stand out amongst the crowd with their even larger than ever array and assortment of products that they carry all year round. Target sells products for the bedroom, bath, kitchen, along with home furnishings and many, many more. This is what drives sales for the company is their rich assortment of goods, credit card offering 5% off every purchase and excellent customer service. Let us not forget to mention the product placement in their huge wide open stores with an endless number of displays of new product weekly as well. • Purchasing/ Merchandising – Products are bought from their subsidiaries and then planned out merchandising is done for Targets large open spaces with a variety of different products for all sorts of people including great impulse buys set up throughout the store. • Marketing – Direct mail is sent from the company to local communities within a close reasonable proximity to the store with a coupons and promotions of their Target REDcard, which offers 5% off their total purchase every time a customer uses this credit card, as well as emails to current and prospecting customers monthly. •

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