Descriptionages And Disadvantages Of A Wide Area Network And Local Area Networks

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• Local Area Network A LAN, local area network, is a group of computers and other devices that share a wireless link to a server. A local area network is usually in a distinct location like an office where all the devices are close, hence the name local. It is used to share resources like a printer and can be used with a small group of people or a much larger one. Interconnection devices such as switches and routers are all used to connect the network to the internet. Wi-Fi or Ethernet can be used to connect the network to the internet. A local area network must relate to standards and protocols. It does this as it is connected to the internet through the Wi-Fi. • Wide Area Network A wide area network is distributed places unlike a local area network which is local. A WAN interconnects different local area networks. A wide area network could be in companies and organisations for example, it could have connections to a company’s headquarters or branch facilities. Routers are used to connect a LAN to a WAN. They are functioned to allow users to share access to applications and other services. There are various different protocols within a wide area network such as broadband access and point-to-point protocol. WAN’s are mostly managed by a private organisation so that no other companies can get on their network however, there is open wide area networks too. The main example would be the internet. • WAN technologies There are various different technologies within a WAN.
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