Descriptive Essay About A Day On Labour Day

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Have you ever had everything before you play out in slow motion, where you are aware of everything around you, yet don’t knowing what is going on? I have. In the movies, when someone is drowning, it’s loud and splashy, someone yelling for help and waving their arms, they are dipping below the harsh currents of the waves and coming back up in a dramatic fashion while those who are standing by scramble to rescue them. Yeah, it doesn't really go down like that. Drowning is silent, movements are subtle; they rarely make any noise at all. One minute, they're trying to keep their head above the water, and then next minute, they're gone. What began as a simple day at beach became a near-death experience, which has enlightened me and ultimately redirected the entire course of my life.

When my family and I decided to go the beach on Labor Day, I was not thrilled to go all. As I child, I always hated the beach. I mean no offense it's a pretty cool place and it's also an essential part of life with a massive pool full of animals that are really adorable. But, sand gets everywhere. And I mean everywhere. It’s in your hair, it’s stuck to your butt, it’s between your toes and when you go to to leave, no matter how many times you make trips down to the beach showers to wash off your sandy feet, it’s impossible to tread back up the beach and all the way to your car without collecting at least a shoe full of sand along the way. The beach for me is just straight up boring. There is no appeal
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