Descriptive Essay About Cats

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The car ride was quiet. It was the kind of quiet that makes you uneasy. I looked out the window into the darkness and all I could see was the quick flash of street lights as we drove past them. On my lap was the heavy carrier where my very deep breathing, furry companion was laying. As we took a turn into the parking lot my stomach dropped and I suddenly felt the lasagna I had for dinner that night trying to make a second appearance. We got out the car and the four of us headed towards the door. I always hated the vet. Growing up, my family had always had cats, from when I was born. For my ninth birthday I got two kittens, a tabby Bengal mix called Buster and a Russian blue named Blue, ironic I know. They didn’t look like brothers but you could always tell by the little diamond of white fur they both had on their chests. Even though I adored both cats, I had always drifted towards blue with his big eyes and his constantly playful mood, he became my best friend. Now here I was, eight years later holding my best friend in the lobby of a vets office with all the other sad looking animals. The peppy nurse with the high ponytail and big eyes, trying to make the situation better, led us into a room down the hall. This room was different than all the other rooms in the facility, it had a couch with tissue boxes everywhere you looked and pictures of puppies and kittens hanging on the walls. The nurse closed the door and hung a sign on the outside, I knew exactly what that sign

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