Descriptive Essay About Love

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ontrollably and bury my face into her shoulder and just continue to sob until my eyes have dried up and just sit there for a couple of minutes. When I finally lift my head up and look up into her eyes. She smiles gently, looking at my face, I close my eyes already know that my eyes are red and puffy and my makeup has to be coming down my face as I just cried my eyes out like Niagra Falls in the taxi. ”You feel better,” she says. I shake my head no and look out the window and the gloomy weather because that is exactly what I’m feeling right now. “We just got here, there is no reason you should be crying right now, you have all the time in the world to get him to fall for him, ok? I 've known you since preschool and you've always got what you wanted this time should be no different. You have been gunning for him for nine years, ok. We are away from home and get to explore the city for a week until the semester comes so make the most of it.” She urges me, gently pushing me. “You're right.” The mood suddenly getting better. “There's a lot of time for us to become a couple,” I say to her and smile. MY first real smile since leaving my house.”Speaking of couples, how have you and Ethan been doing.” I Ask her. She grins as a blush starts to rise up on he cheeks. “It's been good,” she says. I look at my best friend and am not surprised she's had her boyfriend for three years already. She has long blond hair that almost looks white and has tan skin and has green eyes. I

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