Descriptive Essay : Ideas In The Classroom

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I walk through the halls wearing the same yellow sweater, ripped jeans and black boots as every other girl. They all turn their heads with their long straight hair. As I walked I saw a girl walking towards me, texting wearing the same thing as me. I reflected back to 4th grade when I had bought the most popular costume available. The dress, a blue and white car hop costume, was light blue with little flowers, the material felt scratchy, I kept itching the neck where the tag irritated my skin. But to a 10 year old me, that outfit was everything. When I saw her wearing the costume, I felt unbelievably embarrassed!I had worked tirelessly to get my long curly hair into a neat little side bun. It seemed to hold 500 bobby pins in it. My little hat perfectly placed on my head. My mother had done my makeup too. My costume perfectly ironed and without a single spot, I smoothed it with my little hands, so content with my costume. Yet she was wearing my costume. When I saw the girl in the yellow sweater, I was first embarrassed because we wore the same thing. I looked down at my outfit and thought if only I had worn something different today. I thought back to that morning when I was picking out my outfit for the day. I looked at the back of my closet, in the back are the clothes I thought so much much about, the clothes I wish I would wear. The dark colored cardigans, the vintage style clothes, all just sitting there. Waiting to be worn, the clothes yearning to be worn, but

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