Descriptive Essay : My Favorite Places To The Omaha Airport

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One of my favorite places to be is the Omaha airport. I love the atmosphere it has, and the ease of everything there. Your every move is planned out for you. The airport is surrounded by a sea of shiny hot vehicles. The hot summer sun reflects off the windshields and headlights. People haul their enormous bags up the endless rows of cars to the shuttle station that is filled by a variety of people: business men and women, families, and students. They all patiently wait, baking in the heat, for the next bus to carry them to the airport. After what seems like an eternity, they all trudge on and stand tightly together like sardines. The faint smell of sweat clings to the air as the bus pulls forward. At the airport, the air is quiet except for the sound of bags being tugged off the metal racks of the bus as the people file out. The perfectly paved sidewalk and the creaky revolving doors are all flooded with silent people. The only other sound is the sound of feet hitting the pavement until they get inside. Then there is a mountain of chaos—crying babies, angry parents, yelling customers, and passive-aggressive workers. Rows of robot-like workers peek out behind computer screens. There are men with their hair gelled down seamlessly to their head, and women with flawless makeup and their hair pulled back into buns. They all blandly ask for personal and flight information and baggage. Then they impatiently explain the process to rookie flyers. The flow of people starts to make its
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