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I rolled out of bed and landed on the ruff discoloured carpet; I hadn 't vacuumed in months. I got up. I stretched out my ridged body. I fumbled to the door, not being bothered to switch on the lights. My tongue was dry and I needed something to quench my thirst- soda. Once I entered the hallway, I was assailed by a blinding light coming from Savannah 's, my sister 's bedroom. Curious - I made my way towards her room as my eyes adjusted to the new-found brightness. There was no way my sister would be home especially when she was meant to be having a sleep over at her best-friend 's house also known as Cute Carolina 's house as I like to call her. The other girls who belonged to her clique were just plain weird. All they ever talked about …show more content…

So I braced myself. I slowly pushed the door. I was engulfed by the brightness. I took one step forward. Stood before me was a curvy girl in my sister 's black underwear- the really lacy ones she hid at the bottom of her drawer with her not-so-secret stash of cash and away from our parents prying eyes. My mouth dropped open, I never expected someone to try and steal my sister 's clothes. They 're just all cheap knockoffs. However, the blonde intruder ignored me and continued to rummage through my sister 's wardrobe. "What the heck do you think you 're doing?" I whispered indignantly. Her eyes wide, "You can see me?" She moaned silently. "Keep quiet, kid." Again, she returned to her search. I glared at her until I came up with a childish, yet brilliant idea. "Muu-m!" I yelped but my voice cracked so the sound didn 't travel far. "Don 't you dare," She said, looking me straight in the eye. Our gaze intertwined, her sapphire eyes met my own emeralds and with a smirk across my face, I proceeded to do the same as before, hoping for better success. "Muuuuum!" I yelled with perfection. Instantly, I could hear my mother grow closer and closer to my sister 's room, quicker than expected. She shoved the door open, hitting me on the back, clearly annoyed. The pain was sharp and I was shoved forward along with the timber door. "Why the hell are you yelling in the middle of the

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