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Nikki Schuller Dr. Bryan Carr INFO SCI 341 13 December 2016 Imagine: It’s the weekend and you’ve decided to have a get-away with your friends. The winters have never really seemed to phased you, though this one seems to be much colder than usual. You invite everyone up to your family’s cabin up in the remote woods on Blackwood Mountain, a snow-covered mount of rocks in western Canada. Everyone is together, but as the night progresses you have a sense of someone watching you through the windows of the cabin. You’re excited for the night because your crush accepted your invitation to come along. To your surprise, your crush invites you to a bedroom but once you arrive you realize it was all a prank when you hear the laughter and your friends coming out filming the entire occurrence. You’re humiliated. You run and run fast, past the kitchen, out the front door and into the blistering cold. Your heart is pounding loud in your ears and the tears are beginning to hit the cold air, causing your cheeks to tingle. It’s dark, and you begin to lose track of where you are. The woods have a tendency of doing such. You hear noises and you realize you’re being followed. Running with all of the power you can muster, you hit the edge of a cliff with nowhere to go. The thing chasing you is now drawing near. You have nowhere to go, nowhere to turn. You feel the rock underneath your feet slip and you begin to fall. The cold air is rushing by you as you plummet, in a quick fleet of

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