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I stared down from the tower I stood upon wondering how someone could build something so tall. It wasn’t as tall as a skyscraper. Although when you’re looking straight down, it seems like a much further drop. I stood there heaving every breath, until from behind me I heard a deep growl. When I turned around, I saw a herd of monsters surrounding me. I would say they looked a bit like really ugly boar about the size of cattle. Except they had black hair and dark yellow eyes. I was at the edge of building now, and if I backed away any further to get away from Them I would fall to my immediate death. When they started edging closer to me, I realize I had no choice and I step off. They say when you’re about to die your life seems to flash before your eyes. I would say the same happened to me because as I fell the only thing I could think of was how things were before. I remember the day I got sent home early from school so my mom could tell me my father died. He was driving drunk on the interstate and crashed into the back of a semi. The doctor said he died on impact. You would expect me to be surprised or upset. The fact is I didn’t really feel anything. I didn’t care. I know that makes me sound like a jerk, but if you knew my father you wouldn’t be surprised either. You see, my father never really cared about me. I know that’s like the stereotypical thing every teenager says, but when I say this I do mean it. One day when I was younger, I came home from

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