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Most of the time August in Maine is hot, sticky hot. The kind of hot where as much as you don’t want to you break down and turn the air conditioning on. This mid-August day is the exception. The day before, it rained just enough to break the heat but not enough to make it humid and unbearable. The result is a cool breeze of morning air that comes in through my window and dances delicately with the lace curtains and soft golden rays of the waking sun just beginning to fill my room. I sit at my vanity in my white silk robe, the cool wind teasing my still damp hair and sending goose bumps down my spine. I purse my lips and squint my eyes as I look at the reflection of the girl looking back at me. She isn’t ordinary, but by no means …show more content…

Contraptions like making a hammock out of the New Kids on the Block sheets my mother had just bought us and my father’s bungee cords. “They will never know!”, “We will put everything back,” Ann assured me. Four hours and a trip to the emergency room later, we knew Mom was mad, we were in trouble, and next time we should use rope instead of bungee cords. Everywhere we went three things were certain; we always had our radio cassette player, it was always playing my father’s favorite music like, “I’m gonna be” by The Proclaimers and “American Pie” by Don Mclean, and we always came home at dinner time covered in slimy swamp water and mud and dirt from our heads down to our neon colored spandex shorts. It always amazed me how Mom got the stains out. I awoke the night my life changed in a cold sweat, a product of the eight-year-old me being chased by a man made of metal and explosions of lava surrounding me. I had nightmares that whole fall. I attributed them to watching Stephen King’s IT, Terminator, and Nightbreed too often, but Ann wasn’t allowed to watch them because she got too scared, so it was worth the nightmares to have the TV to myself. This time the sounds of my nightmare continued even after I opened my eyes. Thinking it was real, he was finally here, the Terminator was going to get me, I tip-toed toward my living room where the noise was coming from. What I saw was worse than any movie or nightmare could prepare me for. The strong arms and

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