Designing A New Registration System

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For this paper, my hypothetical group will be employees from my organizations that are coming together to either develop or purchase a new registration system that is user friendly. This registration is much needed and will also make the jobs of employees easier. The group will need to research three different companies and make a decision on one of them. This system will need to be user friendly, allowing for online registrations for students, and be able to track revenue and expenses. This group will be made up 7 people of the Assistant Director of the Division, Administrative Assistants from 3 different areas, a Program Manager, Operations Manager, and a facilitator from an outside division. These group members were selected…show more content…
The operations manager was selected to also provide input on what reports would be helpful and also give input on how room scheduling will be beneficial. I will be acting as an external facilitator. Although I am not external to the college, I am external to the division. I thought this was important because I will still have an understanding of what this division is its background and the college but I won’t be an added cost. For this group I will select a participative style of leadership. “Participative leadership is a managerial style that invites input from employees on all company decisions. The staff is given pertinent information regarding company issues, and a majority vote determines the course of action the company will take. Participative leadership can sometimes be a slower form of decision-making, but it has several advantages that may make it the right managerial method for your business.” (George N. Root III) I have selected this leadership style since I will have no decision making power. I will begin this facilitation process by focusing on the following things; Environment, Logistics and Room Arrangements and establishing ground Rules. Having a safe and comfortable environment is important for the members of the group. This will help the group members want to interact with each other and want to participate in the group. I will make sure that the locations are in known places. I will also rotate
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