Designing A Technology Plan Based On The School Needs

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Technology is ubiquitous in the 21st century, providing students with resources and help them become equipped with skills about the technology innovation; these are essential goals for educational institutions. Also, technology both can enhance effectiveness in administration and instruction (Gülbahar, 2007). Designing a technology plan based on the school needs becomes a fundamental part of technology leadership. According to Overbay, Mollette, & Vasu (2011), “Good planning mandates that each principal knows as much as possible about the school’s infrastructure and the specific teaching needs of the faculty” (p. 57). Therefore, a good technology plan should cover comprehensive needs, and our evaluations focus on Domain 5-10.
The plan
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The plan covers more than one year and lays out the goal for its implementations, but is short term in nature to each year of on-going objectives. Also, the strategies of implementations are not sufficient, albeit they are included. For instance, schools are required to verify their computer inventory within the plan (p. 8); yet, there are no further specific strategies. A site possesses, “Realistic goals should be established for the next three years” (“Technology Plan,” n.d.). Thus, the plan should list objectives and strategies for each year to support the goals of an at least three-year plan.
The plan only directly cited the ISTE standards once. However, it had evidence of the some of the guidelines. It included evidence for the five ISTE administrator standards (Visionary Leadership, Digital Citizenship, Systemic Improvement, Professional Practice and Digital Age Learning), but was weak in including components of the student and teacher standards. For example, administrators would utilize the Digital Age Learning standard by using of Moodle as a web-based content management system for delivering professional development; however, it did not include ways that teachers would incorporate tools and resources to maximize learning in their classrooms. I
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