Designing A Workplace Environment Within The Workplace

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This training module will be implemented to create a workplace environment that is designed to meet the learning needs of all departmental employees, by teaching them the acceptable ways of approaching the learning process in the workplace environment. This training module will be a two hour training and it will cover multiple intelligences, Reinforcement (feedback), Holism, Scaffolding, and lastly Metacognition. We will also include information on, why it is important to grasp ideas and concepts that could inevitably lead to a better, clearer understanding of why it’s important to nurture the learning process in the workplace.
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Behaviorism should be taught to employees because much can be understood by watching the actions of others. Observing others can show how dedicated employees are or either how disoriented they are. Behaviorists believe that it is unnecessary to look at the mind to learn about the behavior of an individual (Lieberman, 2012). It is important to understand that behaviorism plays an important role in understanding how we learn. Because we don’t always know what a person is thinking, it is important to ask questions in the learning process. When discussing learning, a topic that might come up is reinforcement (feedback) which according to “Lieberman (2012) is an increase in the probability of a response caused by the presentation of a reinforcer following that response”. In the workplace it is necessary to commend those that are standing out above the rest. This is an example of behaviorism, or learning by observation. When an action reinforces positive behavior, it is good for all the employees to see because it increases the likelihood of the action being repeated. Holism is an important aspect of learning as it pertains to looking at things for what they are as a

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